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Now Offer Nationwide High Value Home Insurance & Autos        Get FLOOD INSURANCE.. remember 30 day waiting period.

 We  write with Premier Insurer's of Distinctive -  Homes.


"Admitted Carriers Only"

High Value policy features are not found in other company policies.

bulletHome appraisal. In many cases, a professional appraiser will visit your home to note any special architectural details  and construction materials and interior features, creating a valuable record. Your appraiser also can provide security and fire prevention advice, and suggest ways  to protect your valuables. No fees are involved.  (provided once insured)

Actual rebuilding costs.* Choose our extended replacement cost option,(200%) and after a covered loss, This policy will pay to have  your home rebuilt, even if the cost is greater than the amount of your coverage. Most policies will pay only up to the policy amount, whether it covers your rebuilding costs or not.


Rebuilding to code.* If you rebuild, you may be required to follow current, more stringent building codes for things like electrical wiring or plumbing. This could result in significant expenses. After a covered loss, This policy will pay these additional costs if you rebuild on the same location.


Optional cash settlement. To rebuild or not to rebuild-the decision is yours. If you decide not to rebuild after a total covered loss, you can opt for a cash payment up to the policy limit. It's your home, your policy, your choice.


Additional living expenses. After a covered loss, This policy will cover the increase in your temporary living expenses while your home is being rebuilt. This feature will help you maintain your normal standard of living until your home is ready.


Full replacement costs for contents. Choose  full replacement cost coverage for your belongings, and your home contents, from sporting equipment to antique furniture, are covered for the cost to replace them. There are no deductions and no depreciation.


Identity Theft. A Homeowners and Automobile policyholders receive complimentary Identity Theft Resolution Services, plus Identification Document recovery. For program details and instructions on how to obtain these services, Click Here


  Wildfire Defense Services


Deductible Waived on losses exceeding $50,000


Earthquake Coverage:  Basic & Replacement Cost


Excess Liability Limits up to $50,000,000


Excess Liability Coverage. to protect cars, multiple homesHigh Value Kitchens

Taking steps to better protect a home may significantly lower the

cost of a homeowners insurance policy. In many states we offer premium credits for security, fire and burglar alarm systems,

and other protective measures. Listed below are credits that, depending on your state, may be offered with Masterpieceģ home, condominium, cooperative and rental coverage's.

For more information,

Contact John Taylor.  831-643-2048

California Properties Only.
Carriers have certain underwriting requirements that some homes may not meet,

We have many other carriers that we offer.

bullet Fire protection class will affect rates
bullet Chubb Wildfire Defense Services
bulletHow Safe is Your Water Heater?

Ferrari Insurance,  Insure ANY Ferrari

Collector Car Program

Loss Control- Insurance Inspections . 

  1. What is it ?
  2. Why ?
  3. Am I required ?

an: is a consultative service that uses cutting-edge, infrared camera technology to help identify moisture problems and potential fire hazards in your home. With this technology, Chubb helps protect the personal safety of you and your household members, which is our highest priority. Masterpiece HomeScan can also help reduce the chance of potentially devastating losses to your home and personal possessions. This service is available to you as a Chubb homeowner policyholder, at no extra charge.


Flood Insurance : Optional

All Chubb  Home policies Include a Professional Appraisal & Homescan

Get Quote <  No Obligation..


Chubb Jewelry Coverage Has  150% Inflation CoverageBroad Jewelry Coverage*

Valuable Articles Coverage

Helps you protect your financial investment in jewelry, collectibles,

china, crystal, silver, artworks, furs, antiques and virtually any type of valuable. 

150% replacement cost on Blanket & Scheduled Jewelry Coverage


Master also offers you coverage for your valuables that most standard insurers canít match. Following are just some of the unique benefits of insuring your valuable articles with Master.


Itemized coverage
This allows you to list items in your collection separately from your contents cover. This way each item you list will be insured for an amount determined by you.


Blanket coverage
If you donít want itemized coverage, we can tailor a program that covers every item under one blanket limit with specified limit per item. So if you have a loss, your valuable item/s will be replaced or repaired up to the insured limit.


Loss in market value coverage
If a valuable with itemized cover is damaged and suffers a loss in market value as a result, Chubb will pay for the reduction in market value up to the insured amount.


Pairs and sets coverage
Often valuable items form a part of a pair or set. With Master, if one piece of an itemized pair or set is lost or damaged, we will cover the replacement cost of the entire set. All we need is the remaining piece(s).


Automatic Coverage for New Acquired Items                                                                       With Masterpiece, immediate cover for newly acquired valuables is provided for up to 90 days, to a value up to 25% of your existing schedule of itemized valuables.


Optional cash settlement
In the unfortunate event a valuable item is irreparably damaged or lost, you can choose to take cash rather than replacing if it suits you better.


Vault Coverage.  offers a Reduced  jewelry rate for items kept in a Bank vault. Items that are normally kept in a bank, brought out and worn a few times a year.


Worldwide coverage
With Masterpiece your valuables are automatically covered wherever you take them in the world.


Fine Arts










Collector Cars

bulletHome Invasion
bulletChild Abduction
bulletKidnap & Ransom
bulletCar Jacking

Renters Insurance Protection:

If you rent, you need to protect your personal belongings against a loss such as fire, theft or water damage.

renters insurance provides broader coverage than standard policies and offers you our world renowned claim service.

If you purchase a liability limit of $1 million or more and you or a family member does not own a vehicle, our policy also includes non-owned auto coverage, allowing you to rent a car (not exceeding 30 days) and have coverage in the event of a loss to that car, up to the liability limit on the policy.

For more information about Renters insurance, please contact John Taylor : 831-643-2048




Many of our products are bundled with complimentary or discounted risk management and post-loss services and other value-added offerings.

Wildfire Defense Services: Chubb offers eligible homeowner policyholders the option to enroll in Chubb Wildfire Defense Services, a complimentary service that can help defend your home from an encroaching wildfire.

Residential Home Appraisals:  A complimentary, in-home appraisals to estimate the cost to rebuild a home in the event of a loss, document features of the home and provide recommendations for loss control. Our more than 160 appraisers visit over 50,000 U.S. homes each year.

HomeScan: This complimentary, consultative service uses cutting-edge, infrared camera technology to help identify moisture problems and potential fire hazards within a home.

Protection Network: Homeowner policyholders may request complimentary referrals to a network of more than 2,000 qualified specialists including alarm and security providers, water protection companies, and homebuilders. We also offer referrals to valuable articles specialists including fine art appraisers, art storage and transportation companies, and home inventory companies.

Property Manager: Secondary and seasonal homeowners in select areas who have a homeowner policy from Chubb, including coverage for wind, may enroll to receive assistance when they are away from home. Chubb can deploy a representative to check on the home after a hurricane, provide a detailed report, involve the agent and file a claim, and dispatch loss mitigation specialists.

Emergency Loss Mitigation and Restoration: Our goal is to quickly and easily help restore a home after a covered claim. Chubb offers 24/7 post-loss emergency services through our partnerships with leading national vendors.

Protection Service: We provide complimentary online safety tips and prevention advice against litigation, violence, predators, fraud and other forms of crime.

Collector Services: For avid collectors, Chubb offers access to our in-house collector specialists, who can provide complimentary, custom advice about caring for valuable collections. We also offer a complimentary web site for collecting enthusiasts.

Auto Services: In the event of a covered auto loss, Chubb offers complimentary services in most markets including referrals to preferred repair shops, custom auto glass repair or replacement, car rental service and roadside assistance and towing.

Identity Resolution Services: Chubb homeowner and automobile policyholders have access to complimentary services from a premier, independent identity management provider. The services complement our coverage for identity fraud.

Signature Suite: A full array of complimentary and discounted services such as personal security consultations, travel security recommendations and collections management are offered to Signature customers.

Claim Service: For more than 125 years, unparalleled claim service has been a hallmark of Chubb. Convenient options are available to report a claim anytime, anywhere. We strive to contact the policyholder within 6 hours of first report of loss and make payment within 48 hours of settlement.olicy: Chubb is doing its part to be green by offering the option to receive policy information and updates electronically via e-mail rather than paper.



**This information is advisory in nature.

No liability is assumed by reason of the information in this document.

see actual policies for conditions, restrictions of coverage's.

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